Friday, 23 April 2021

 What’s on in Term 2 in Year 2- 2021 

Welcome back to Term 2! 

Our Inquiry Unit this term is ‘Paddock to Plate’. 

Students will learn about the origins of food and the different types of food we produce for human consumption. We will be studying where and how food is grown and gathered and a variety of ways in which we can manage our resources and waste. 

Our two excursions this term are to the Queen Victoria Market and Muyuna Farm where the children will participate in educational activities. Our Year 2 garden will continue to be an ongoing resource for us to support our Inquiry unit. 

In our Maths program we will continue with work on counting, number patterns, place value, addition and subtraction and introduce fractions. Students will also learn numerous problem solving strategies and experiment with the measurement of mass using formal and informal units. We will also be exploring 2D shapes. 

In Literacy we will focus on using different writing genres, SMART spelling and grammar. Through small group, ability based literacy centres and CAFE Reading strategies the students will continue to enhance their comprehension and text-analysis skills. 

The students will participate in a weekly Year 2 sport rotation program covering various gross motor skills and games to further develop their sportsmanship. 

We shall continue to develop our students’ understanding of our Whole School Values Program through various activities in the classroom. 

Children will complete weekly homework by undertaking a chosen spelling and maths activity. They are also required to write their spelling words out and keep up their daily reading. 

Important Dates for Term 2

April 19th- First day of Term May 25th- Excursion to Victoria Market

Every Tuesday (x4 weeks) - Science Expert 

Week 5 - Parent Teacher Interviews

In Residence program from week 1 

Wednesday 28th April - Walkathon June 14th - Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Friday 30th April - Curriculum Day June 23rd - Reports sent home (via compass)

6th May - Myuna Farm excursion Thursday 24th June - Sportswise Incursion

June 25th- Last day of Term 2 (early dismissal 2.30pm)

Friday, 6 December 2019

Year 2 2020

Whats on in Year 2!
Term 1 2020

Welcome to year 2

Welcome to Term 1. We hope everyone had a relaxing holiday and are now eager to be part of new and exciting challenges.

The year has commenced with ‘Building our Classroom and School Community’ activities and settling the students into a class routine.

What’s something you’re looking forward to doing in Year 2?” 
“Multiplication! Trash and Treasure! The garden! Cooking! Collecting house points!”

The Maths focus for Term 1 will include learning about counting and number patterns, ordering numbers, place value and addition and subtraction strategies. Other aspects of our Term 1 maths program will include measurement of length. 
We will be writing recounts, reports and procedural texts. Through explicit teaching and Literacy Centres children will focus on aspects of grammar, spelling and comprehension. For spelling, we are continuing our whole school program called SMART Spelling. As part of our ‘Reading Program’ the students will continue to bring home levelled reading books for parents to assist their children with reading and comprehension. A reminder to parents that children should be reading for at least 15 minutes a day at home.

Regular weekly homework will begin in Term 1. Students will be given their homework on Mondays and it is to be completed and handed in on Friday. We encourage parents to oversee both homework as well as the daily reading program. This will be discussed further at parent information night.
Important dates

Year 2 Parent Information Night
Monday February 10th

Daley Nutrition Incursion

Thursday February 20th

Travelling Kitchen Incursion


Wednesday March 11th (TBC)


Feeling Safe (Family Life Sessions)

Thursday March 19th

Last Day of Term 1

Friday March 26th

Please read the GPS school newsletter, which is published each week to ensure you are updated with all school events and important news. All important events and notifications are now available on Compass.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Whats on in
Year 2?
Term 4 2019
Term 4 is always a busy and exciting time of year but for our Year 2 students it is particularly special. This will be the students final Term on the Junior Campus before they continue their educational journey at the Senior Campus. We are looking forward to finishing the year off with a bang!
“What is something you are looking forward to doing in Grade 2?”
“Trash and Treasure!”

In Maths this term, the children will become familiar with Australian currency.  Students will gain an understanding of making amounts and giving change through hands on experiences. This will include mock businesses set up within the classroom and a Trash and Treasure Market at the Junior School to sell their wares to other students at the school.

We will also use this time to revise and consolidate our maths learning throughout the year. We will revisit the four processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), measurement and statistics and develop problem-solving skills.



This term our CAFÉ Reading program will focus on how making connections to text can increase our comprehension. We can make personal connections, text-to-text connections as well as connecting text to events happening in our world. We will continue to work in our reading groups where students can work closely with their peers. 


This term we will learn about reports and persuasive writing. Students will develop a range of strategies to plan, organise and construct pieces of writing to suit the text type. We will be extending our skills in editing throughout this process.

The children will continue to focus on aspects of reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout the term.

Speaking and Listening

Each day the Year 2 students are given the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on their learning as well as demonstrating their skills through Readers Theatre presentations.

Our weekly homework continues.
Students are provided with new homework grids for Spelling and Maths where they can choose their tasks.
Students are reminded to read each day/night for 15 minutes.
Our inquiry focus will be looking at special places in our local community and beyond and how we connect to them. Initially we will explore our local area and the first Australians who lived here. We will be reading dreamtime stories, exploring local indigenous language and telling stories through art.

After exploring the history of our local area, we will begin to look more broadly at connections we have with places around the world. This will involve lots of work with maps and research of different places and cultures. Our unit will culminate with each student creating a presentation on a ‘special place’ which they have a connection with. For example, Mrs. Wilson might do a project on New Zealand or Mrs. Rosenthal could do hers on South Africa.

Term 4 is always jam packed with exciting events. At the time of publication, these events and dates are accurate. We ask that you please check the newsletter, Compass and emails to ensure you have the most up to date information.

Important Dates

Botanical Gardens Excursion
Thursday 10th October
Drama Toolbox Incursion
Thursday 24th October
Trash and Treasure
Friday 25th October

House Singing Competition
Friday 25th October
Whole School Spelling Bee
Thursday 31st October
Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Tuesday 5th November
Sportswise Incursion
Thursday 14th November
Swimming Program
Monday 18th to Friday 24th November.
St Johns Ambulance Incursion
Thursday 5th December
School Concert
11th December

Final Year 2 Assembly
Date TBC

Last Day of School for 2019, 1:30 finish
Friday 20th December

Friday, 2 August 2019

What’s On in Year 2 Term 3 2019

It’s hard to believe that half the year has passed by already.  Time flies when you’re having fun!  Term Three is shaping up to be a very exciting and interesting term for the Year 2 classes.  Take a look at some of the exciting activities and challenges that lie ahead:

INQUIRY UNIT – “The Physical World”
Our Inquiry Unit this term will focus on Forces. We will study the physics of push and pull and how these forces move things as well as change direction. We will investigate gravity, magnetism, air/wind and buoyancy. The students will observe and create mobile mechanisms and they will hypothesize and experiment with different strategies and materials associated with forces. We have a science incursion booked for Year 2 to compliment the inquiry work we do throughout the term.                                                                                                            
In maths this term, the children will continue to focus on number and the processes of multiplication and division. We will continue to work on place value and fractions.
Students will also focus on aspects of measurement, including time, location and transformation and 3D objects.


The writing genres we are focusing on for Term 3 will be narratives and poetry. Literacy centre groups and CAFE reading will continue this term. Our SMART Spelling Program words will be on the homework sheet each week and the children will have daily instruction regarding these words and spelling rules.



Each student will have individual time on one of our Year 2 laptops every week. This term we will focus on Powerpoint and assist the children in creating simple presentations.

Regular weekly homework will continue through Term 3. 
We encourage parents to oversee the daily home reading program. Children should be reading for at least 15 minutes a day. Children will continue to be given their homework on Monday, which is to be completed and handed in on Friday. Weekly homework consists of the SMART Spelling words, one chosen Maths activity and one chosen Spelling activity.

Our expert in residence for 2019 is based on Coding. Each class will participate with an instructor for 4 sessions for an introduction to coding. The Year 2 children will continue to take care of our Vegetable & Herb Garden. They will be planting, growing, harvesting and using the ‘produce’ they have nurtured. We’ll be making yummy vegetable soup.

EXCITING EVENTS!                                    

     Science incursion- Toys that move
     Whole school Dress Up Day Celebrating Book week                            August 15th
     Whole school curriculum day – no students                                           August 16th
     Father’s Day Breakfast                                                                               August 30th
     Year 2 Forces Expo                                                                                September 6th
         Billy Cart Incursion                                                                                      T.B.C   
     Footy Day - Last Day of Term- 2.30 finish                                             September 20th

Please continue to read our school newsletter and Compass for updates and extra information.