Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Term 4 - What's On?

What’s On in Term 4?

Please read the following information about our Term 4 program and important Year 2 dates.


Our Inquiry Unit this term will focus on the following three Key Understandings:
1) Recognize the importance of our indigenous heritage and the connection to our local community.
2) The local area has changed over time.
3) We understand where we live in Australia and our location within the world.

Questions we will be discussing with the students will include:
Who lived here first?
How has the local area changed over time?
What significant landmarks help us understand the history of our local community?
Where in the world are we located?          

The Year 2 students will be undertaking an excursion to the Botanical Gardens with a focus on the local Indigenous Culture. Also the children will experience a tram ride to Caulfield Park, a local place of significance.


In Maths this term, the children will become familiar with Australian currency.  Students will gain an understanding of making amounts and giving change through hands on experiences. This will include mock businesses set up within the classroom and a Trash and Treasure Market at the Junior School to sell their wares to other students at the school.
During this term students will continue to explore aspects of measurement using formal and informal units.  We shall also revise the four processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and develop problem solving skills.


The focus for Term 4 in English will be persuasive and report writing. Students will develop a range of strategies to plan, organise and construct pieces of writing to suit the text type. 
We use the VCOP program to make editing of these aspects interesting and fun.
Through literacy centres and Reading Workshops children will continue to focus on aspects of reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Regular weekly homework will continue through Term 4.  We encourage parents to oversee the daily home reading program.  Children should be reading for at least 15 minutes a day!

Important Dates

Botanical Gardens Excursion               11th October

Drama Toolbox Incursion                    19th October
Whole school Spelling Bee Test           25th October   
Melbourne Cup Holiday                        6th November
Tram ride excursion                            8th  November
St. John’s Ambulance invisit               15th November
Trash and Treasure Day                     16th  November
Swimming Program                              Mon 19th Nov – Fri 30th
School Concert                                   12th December
Cartooning incursion                            13th December
FINAL Year 2 ASSEMBLY 3pm       17th December
End of School Year  1.30  FINISH      21st December.